Why Invest in a Watch?

We hate to poke holes in the increasingly popular argument that cell phones have rendered watches obsolete, but... we are going to take few moments to poke holes in this argument. Because, well, it's just too easy and we don't want to allow this misconception to persist any longer. Claiming that cell phones have made watches unnecessary just because they too can tell time is almost as ludicrous as suggesting that the digital clock, laptop computer, and microwave could also serve as suitable watch replacements. They all tell the time! While it's true that the cell phone is typically carried"on your person" unlike these other devices, it is still a far cry from a watch.  

Additionally, contrary to the popular opinion of some, there are situations when whipping out a cell phone to check the time or for any other matter is incredibly inappropriate. The singular functionality of a watch (in an age where multifunctional items are expected to do anything and everything) is what we find most refreshing about these timepieces. The watch is not a poser and simply does what it was made do incredibly well (and incredibly stylishly).  

Most importantly, perhaps sliding on an exquisite timepiece and fastening it to the wrist is the closest men can come to experiencing that "new pendant/ring/earring" high women feel with their jewelry. At Tick Tock Jewelers we believe that no one should ever be deprived of a euphoric jewelry experience, so naturally we have a vast array of stunning timepieces for men and women. Just like any other piece of jewelry, a watch makes a statement. If you want yours to say that you have impeccable taste and style, then we'll be here to lead you to your perfect watch.

Posted on January 20, 2016 .