Citirine: The Shades Of November

Since 1912, Citrine has been the official birthstone of November. Rare in nature, this alluring stone ranges from pale yellow to bownish-orange in color. Usually formed by the heat treatment of Amethyst, Citrine is actually a variety of quartz. The word Citrine in French translates to lemon; an appropriate translation for a stone with such a vibrant natural yellow hue. 

With a modest price tag, it’s no wonder Citirne is the most popular yellow gemstone. Large pieces of Citrine were used in Art Deco pieces because not only is the stone affordable so larger stones could be used but it can also be carved like Jade and it is uncommon to see inclusions visible to the naked eye. In terms of durability, Citrine is harder than opal but softer than rubies and sapphires - they do not break easily but they do not have the scratch resistance seen in rubies and sapphires.

In Egyptian times, Citrine was used as a talisman that cleaned and removed unwanted energy. It is said that the stone brings hope and paves the way for spiritual growth. Known as the “merchants” stone or the “success” stone, it is also said that the stone can enhance one’s natural personal power and energy. No matter what you believe, Citirine makes a wonderful gift for those born in November, those celebrating their 13th wedding anniversary, or for those who love a golden fall color. Check out both the Estate and modern collection of Ciritne Jewelry here at Tick Tock Jewelers.

Posted on November 1, 2016 .