Victorian Sentimental Jewelry

The Romantic Era started in 1837 and brought about jewelry that revealed secret codes conveying sentiments of love, friendship, and affection using different stones and symbols to unveil a message. Rings with hidden messages were spelled out with the first initial of the stone, for example, a LOVE ring was made up of lapis-lazuli, opal, vermeil, and emerald while a REGARD ring would be made up of rubies, emeralds, garnet, amethyst and diamonds. While most commonly pendants and brooches were enameled with all kinds of designs here are the most commonly seen images translated from their secret code:

- Eyes: These are called “Lover’s Eyes” and are typically portraits of a loved one’s eye to preserve anonymity and decorum. 

- Snakes: Eternity

-Star & Moon: The moon symbolizes spirituality and the glorification of the moon goddess while the stars symbolize direction and guidance. 

- Seed pearls: Innocence, purity humility and harmony.

- Swallows: A common gift from a sweetheart as swallows mate for life; also represents the desire for a loved one to return safely or soon.

-Griffin: Bravery, courage, vigilance

- Horse Shoe/Clover: Luck and good fortune

-Buckles: Safety, security, protection

-Buttercups: Happiness, merriment, bliss 

Posted on November 15, 2016 .