3 Reasons Why Vermonters Should Invest in Jewelry

There are are countless ways to spend and invest your hard earned money. When the necessities are taken care of, what do you do with the rest? We all have our preferred luxuries, investments and vices. Some of us may be saving for/splurging on boats, vacations or fancy restaurants. Some of us may instead find it more prudent to save for retirement or invest in the stock market. However, in this moment, we dare you to consider investing in jewelry. While it may seem solely a beautiful indulgence, there are so many reasons why investing in jewelry is the smart and savvy choice this year.

1.) Something to pass on

Receiving jewelry heirlooms from loved ones is an amazing feeling. In this way, beautiful pieces can be kept in the family and preserved for future generations to wear, love and appreciate. The inheritors not only get to experience the joy of being given beautiful, bejeweled gifts, but the significance of receiving something of great sentimental value from those who helped make their lives what they are today.

The preservation of estates through the passing of jewelry is like a time capsule in motion. The aesthetic, style and personality of inherited pieces will always reflect the bygone eras from which they originated, as well as the personality and style of the family member they belonged to. If these pieces were instead sold or forgotten, there would be no tangible, wearable memento to provide a glimpse into the world of our loved ones. The only way for future generations to be able to enjoy this unique experience is if we continue investing in the jewelry we love.

2.) Unique expression of style

There are many ways to express yourself. Self-expression through jewelry might be one of the most sophisticated and timeless means of showing the world who you are and what you have to say. We all have encountered people who make a tremendous first impressionthose particular strangers who may only cross our path briefly yet remain, for some reason, etched upon our minds. Usually these memorable people have a captivating persona and definitive sense of self. They use jewelry, watches and accessories to enhance their ensembles as memorable staples of their personal taste.

A unique piece of jewelry is an artistic statement. By seeking out and wearing the pieces that resonate with you and make you happy, you are making a meaningful personal statement that others take notice of; allowing them to appreciate the uniqueness of your taste and share in your perspective-- if only for an unspoken moment in passing.

3.) Deep Meaning/ Connection

If anyone tries to tell you to opt for a gift that is more thoughtful than jewelry, tell them to think again. While jewelry can be glamorous and at times decadent, a well-chosen piece can reflect incredible thoughtfulness and symbolic insight. Every stone and metal has a unique meaning and connection;

whether through the significance of a birthstone or the lore of a particular stone and its benefit or capacity to heal.

People may also develop a fondness or connection to stones that are not their birthstones but reflect their color preferences and personal style. Taking the time and possessing the insight to give the right piece of jewelry to someone you care about is one of the most thoughtful and well-received gestures.

We hope this has inspired you to consider jewelry as not only a smart investment but a timeless, fun and fashionable one. We will be here at Tick Tock Jewelers to help you select your next one-of-a-kind piece. 

Posted on March 17, 2016 .