The Birthstone of the month: July - The Ruby

July: a month of summer love, passion, and of course, heat. It’s no wonder the Ruby, a stone that represents burning passion, love, wealth, and loyalty is this month’s birth stone. Stemmed from the Latin word “ruber” meaning red, this stone’s quality is actually measured by its color and clarity. The finest rubies are as red as pigeon’s blood (no pigeons were harmed while writing this article) with an intense fire and very subtle undertones of blue or purple. 


In pop culture, the most famous rubies of all are Dorothy’s ruby slippers in the Wizard of Oz. They were given to her by Glinda the Good Witch for courage, wisdom, and protection. She later discovers that when she clicked her heels together chanting, “there’s no place like home,” those rubies gave her what she truly desired in her heart- to find her way back home to Kansas. (It’s too bad she couldn’t take those shoes with her)!


Did you know that rubies and sapphires are actually the same stone? They both belong to the Corundum family and since 600 AD, Burma has been the primary source of our most precious corundum. They are second in hardness to diamond and come in other colors besides the tried and true red and blue - colors like white, pink, yellow, and orange. Due to it’s hardness and durability, Corundum makes a fantastic choice for an engagement ring because they are built for a lifetime of wear. In fact, do you use an emery board? Black synthetic corundum is crushed and used to make the sanding side of an emery board.


Here are some interesting historical facts about rubies:

- Ancient warriors from Burma wore rubies because they believed it gave them the power of invincibility. 

- Hindus believed the red color came from an internal flame that could not be put out,  just like ever lasting love. 

- In the Middle Ages, rubies were used to predict danger. Any time a ruby would sense danger, it would supposedly turn the stone a darker color. 

- Aristocrats would wear rubies to enhance wisdom and give clarity to those having difficulty making crucial decisions or financial matters


Whether you believe the folk tails or not, one thing is for sure: rubies are a perfect gift for the ones you love, especially if they’re lucky enough to have a July birthday! With a stone that represents everlasting love and loyalty, what else could make a better statement? Check out our newest collection of ruby pieces here at Tick Tock Jewelers!

Posted on July 29, 2016 .