Damascene Jewelry

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    Damascene Jewelry is truly breathtaking; after all, it was named for replicating the beauty of Damask silk. The intricacy of designs on damask silk are duplicated onto jewelry by inlaying different types of metals into each other. The process is done by first etching designs into darkened (oxidized) metal and then filling the drawings in with spools of silver and gold foil, all done by hand. Genuine damascene jewelry commonly uses 18kt or 24kt gold and silver foil, while faux damascene may be replicated with black enamel paint and raised details (instead of carved.) It may also have a painted white edge, which is very uncommon in genuine Damascene jewelry. Artisans in Damascus, Syria, were the original creators of this process; it is believed that Damascene was brought to Japan via the Silk Road in the 8th century. Japanese designs tend to feature oriental and landscape designs. Pictured on the right is a vintage Damascene pin.

Posted on August 28, 2017 .