Share Your Love Story


Each love story is just another reason to find hope in the world. Whether you've been together since day 1 or it was a journey to find each other, every story has one lesson, love is always worth it.

Julie Jolicoeur I believe my husband and I have a true love story. We were set up on a blind date by mutual friends. We had never met before. We met on a Friday and have literally together since that day. Married 10 years together 13. The funny thing is another mutual friend was also trying to set us up. Must be everyone knew but us. I love him more everyday and am the luckiest girl in the entire world.

Chel Dawn Vallone-Phillips My husband and I met freshman year of high school we both had crushes on each other but never said anything. Senior year while doing community service together he finally admitted it and a few days later asked me out. We have been together ever sense. We have been through so much. In 2016 our house caught fire while I was pregnant as a gestational surrogate. We have two kids together and he is my rock-he is my happily ever after. Together almost 10 years married almost 5.

Joy Karnes Limoge I met The Handsome Man on a scuba dive some 10 years ago. I had equipment failure 30 feet below water level and he ended up taking me in his arms and slowly ascending. Once we broke the surface I assured him I was not hitting on him. A date or two later he said “You are my worst nightmare -younger than me and an attorney and I’m falling for you.” I said “Don’t worry - you will get used to it!” We were married a year later in a fairytale wedding at Shelburne Farms with the glorious music of several of the principle players of the VSO serenading us .…

Julie Peoples-Clark My husband Dave and I have been married for 18 years. Three years into the marriage I gave birth to our daughter Ella, who was born with severe disabilities. We suddenly went from a young married couple to caregivers for an extremely medically fragile child. Our marriage survived. We poured ourselves into caring for Ella. We were consumed with her daily needs. Ella passed away at our home in our arms when she was 11 years old. After a long illness that forced us to make the painful decision to place her in hospice. Our marriage survived. 2.5 years ago, I gave birth to our surprise rainbow baby boy. Our marriage has survived the unimaginable, not only survived, but thrived. Our respect and love for each other has grown stronger with each and every challenge.


Taylor Thompson I met my handsome guy in high school, who asked me to be his girl at my surprise sweet 16. From there we spent 2 years together and he happen to be my first love. My family was just as in love with him as I was. As we were in high school we both needed  to be mature and we were meant for one another at that point in our life. We separated and spent 4 years apart growing, maturing and doing our own thing. Our love for one another never went away and was so strong that we reconnected. After those long 4 years we are back together happier than ever and understand that, that time was needed and only made our relationship strong. My family is just as happy to have him back in our lives. Our future holds great things, because our love for one another is so strong.

Donna Burnett My husband and I have been married 38 years this year, we have 5 beautiful children and 6 beautiful granddaughters we are truly blessed ❤️

Catherine St Peter Paya I met my husband through my best friend. I knew immediately that he was something else. We started building a friendship that soon turned into full love. We were the best of friends and did everything together. We never even had an argument. He was the best thing that ever happened to my. We married and then things went south. Sadly he past away. I’m in to my eighth year of being a widow and I still can’t bring myself to date again. He was my complete soulmate. I miss him every day.

Lori Hobart My husband and I hung out with the same group of friends in high school. We went away to college and lost touch. 14 years after we graduated, one of our friends got married. I noticed him right away when he walked into the ceremony. He happened to be in the area to pick up his children who were visiting their aunt. At the reception, I went up to him and just started babbling. From the look on his face, I realized he did not recognize me. So, I re-introduced myself. We spent the rest of the night hanging out with our friends and the bride and groom, having fun. 7 years later, he reached out for all of us on a classmates website. Turns out, his friends here thought that was the best way for him to find me. I answered! March 2005 we started a long distance relationship. He was here in Vermont, I was in Philadelphia. We got married in 2009 and finally started living together, here, in 2012. As much as I loved Philadelphia, my husband is so adorable that I moved. He is worth it and it is better being together.

Meltingeve I asked someone who I briefly met through a mutual friend (literally an interaction that was a minute or less) out on a date via Facebook messenger five months after first meeting him. Right after he opened and read my message after a business lunch he opened a fortune cookie that read, “A passionate new romance will appear when you least expect it.” He saw that as a sign that he had to accept the date! I didn’t know about the fortune cookie until we had been dating for a few weeks, but when he told me about it, he took the little white strip of paper with the fortune out of his wallet that he had saved from that day I asked him out. I just found that so incredibly hopeful and beautiful that he kept that fortune…..that was almost 3 years ago and we just got engaged this past Thanksgiving!

Posted on March 6, 2018 .