New Year’s Resolutions

2018 is nearly upon us and everyone knows what that means. The spirit of motivation and positive change will abound (at least until February). This year, why not think outside the box for your resolutions? At Tick Tock Jewelers we have a list of resolutions which are achievable-smart investments that will also make your favorite jewelry even more alluring. 


Did you know that you should have your rings checked at least once a year? Not unlike people, a good check-up from a professional does preventative wonders for your valuable jewelry. Risks of not having your jewelry checked regularly and maintained can include breaks, deterioration, prong thinning and even the loss of stones. It only takes a few minutes for qualified jewelers like the ones at Tick Tock to inspect your pieces and let you know if it is safe to continue wearing them or if any minor repairs are needed. Make a point to bring your favorite pieces in so you can wear them with confidence this year. 


While you are getting your jewelry checked it is also the perfect time to get it cleaned or polished. A few minutes in an ultrasonic cleaner can do wonders for the appearance of your fine jewelry. We offer this as a complimentary service to customers who are getting their rings checked or even to first-time shoppers as they browse. If you have rings that you wear often it may not be long before daily wear, hand creams and exposure makes them lose their sparkle. Fortunately this can be remedied quickly and at no cost. 


Chances are you have an assortment of necklaces that have become tangled. While it’s great that your jewelry has bonded, this does not serve you well as none of these pieces can be enjoyed and worn. This can prove to be a challenge to untangle for even the most dexterous and determined individuals, not to mention the fact that it’s time consuming or could lead to the destruction of your jewelry if not done carefully. Save yourself the trouble and bring your knot to Tick Tock. If it’s an easy fix we can attempt it while you wait free of charge but for more complex and time consuming knots there may be a small charge. It’s still nothing compared to the cost of replacing broken gold chains and jewelry. 


Most of all, it is important to make sure that your jewelry is appraised by a verified jeweler and that your appraisals are up-to-date. People never think twice about paying their car insurance although some may own jewelry just as expensive or more expensive than their cars and have never had an appraisal. This means if anything were to happen to their jewelry or if it were to be stolen, there would be no protection or recompense. For the average one-time price of a single monthly car payment, you can have your most valuable jewelry appraised and rest at ease. Your information will also contain interesting information about your piece and its true value. 


So think outside the box this year for your 2018 resolutions and take a few simple measures to keep your jewelry stunning and safe. We will be here at Tick Tock to ensure your success.

Posted on December 29, 2017 .