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Updated: Aug 23, 2023

June’s birthstone is Pearl, and so appropriate, as pearls are one of fashion’s hottest trends of the moment. Not only the classic looks, which are always in style, but worn in surprising and fresh new ways. They trim shoes, handbags, and hair accessories. There are all shapes, sizes, and colors, faux, freshwater, and cultured. Choker-length looks are worn by both women and men, often in a casual and street-smart fashion, paired with a favorite colorful T-shirt.

Just a few helpful tips to keep your pearls luminous…

Never wear pearls in water, as their luster will fade over time.

Perfumes and hairspray will stain pearls, so always accessorize last when dressing and grooming.

Only clean pearls with a soft cloth and a jewelry cleaner that is specially formulated for pearls, are available at Tick Tock Jewelers.

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