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Updated: Aug 23

Flowers have been linked to love for hundreds of years. In Victorian times, it was popular to give them in the form of jewelry, as a sentiment that would last longer than the real thing. Each type of flower had a different kind of symbolism and meaning for its wearer. When purchasing vintage jewelry or carrying on this tradition with new pieces, it is important to be informed on what each type means.

Tulips and Roses declared “love”

Orange blossoms for “everlasting love”

Lily for "purity" and "innocence of the soul"

Violets for “faith”.

Forget-me-nots for “remembrance”

Pansies for “think of me” (from the French pensee - meaning thoughts - or pensee et moi - think of me)

Lily of the Valley symbolized a “return to happiness”

Ivy for “fidelity".


  • January: carnation, snowdrop

  • February: violet

  • March: daffodil (jonquil)

  • April: daisy, sweet pea, tulip

  • May: sunflower, lily of the valley

  • June: rose, honeysuckle

  • July: larkspur

  • August: lily, gladiolus

  • September: forget-me-not, morning glory

  • October: calendula (marigold), camellia

  • November: chrysanthemum

  • December: holly, narcissus

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