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Looks We Love (Chapter One): Mix It Up!

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

In the early 1920s, French fashion designer Paul Poiret introduced costume jewelry into his collections, giving it a new status in the fashion world, as previously it was only worn by those who could not afford fine jewelry. Fashion designer Coco Chanel went further as a trendsetter as the first designer to feature clothing accessorized with combined faux and fine pieces, introducing what would become one of her most well-known signature looks. She had a preference for layering pearls and would mix multiple strands of faux and natural pearls, completing the look with costume brooches, bracelets, and earrings. More recently, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis would also mix costume and fine jewelry. A little-known fact is that the triple-strand pearl necklace that Jackie often wore (and famously wore in an iconic photograph with her young son, John) was in fact a costume pearl necklace.

Layering faux and fine jewelry can be elegant, whimsical, or both! Some things to keep in mind: Pile on the layers, but keep your garments simple. Pearls work very well for a touch of elegance and keeping it classy, and look great on every skin tone. Remember the wrists, and stack bracelets for a very current and popular look. Don’t forget to dig deep through your own “junk” jewelry for “treasures.” Grandma’s old rhinestone brooch is a great start, paired with diamond stud earrings, strands of pearls, and layered costume bangles. And, yes, it IS okay to mix and match silver and gold tones.

Be creative, and visit Tick Tock Jewelers and our vintage costume jewelry boutique, Tiny Tick Tock (Instagram: @TinyTickTock), for help in creating your own unique layered look. Have fun and mix it up!

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