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Updated: Aug 23, 2023

With few exceptions, watches are not waterproof, but with the appropriate water-resistant watch, one can be worry-free to enjoy their watch whatever their lifestyle may be. "Water Resistant" indicates the pressure and depth measurements of water and moisture that a watch has been manufactured and rigorously tested to withstand, and is guaranteed by the manufacturer when used and maintained properly. The standard measurements are "Bar" for pressure and "meters" or "ATM" (atmospheres) for depth. The following information illustrates how these measurements correlate with various activities and uses:

  • 3 ATM / 3 Bar / 30 meters (98 feet): Rain, hand washing.5 ATM / 5 Bar / 50 meters (165 feet): Short swim, brief shower.

  • 10 ATM/ 10 Bar/ 100 meters (328 feet): Swimming, snorkeling, recreational water sports.

  • 20 ATM/ 20 Bar/ 200 meters (656 feet): Shallow dives, high-impact sports.

  • 30 ATM/ 30 Bar/ 300 meters (1000 feet): Shallow dives, high-impact sports.

  • 500 meters and higher are reserved for specialty dive tools.

Helpful tips: To maintain the integrity of a water-resistant watch, always make sure that the crown is fully engaged and/or screwed down properly. Inspect the crystal for cracks or chips. On quartz models, always have batteries replaced by a trained professional or the manufacturer, who inspects for worn gaskets and seals and replaces them as necessary. Automatic models should be serviced and pressure tested by the manufacturer every few years, more often when frequently used in the water. Also, with ALL watches, if water or moisture is ever visible inside the watch or crystal it will need servicing ASAP to prevent serious damage to the watch's movement.

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