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Updated: Aug 23, 2023


Your magnetic personality won’t affect the timekeeping of your watch, but magnets can. Magnetic fields emitted from everyday items such as cell phones, computers, tablets, televisions, magnetic jewelry and

even magnetic clasps on handbags, wallets and money clips can cause your watch to slow down or run fast, and placing your watch on or in close proximity to these for an extended period of time, won’t cause permanent damage but can be frustrating and a nuisance.

Analogue quartz movements use an internal magnetic force to power and drive rotors, and when a quartz watch is exposed to external magnetism, timekeeping is affected.

Mechanical watches have a balance spring that regulates the balance wheel in the movement. When exposed to an external magnetic force this causes the spring to stick to itself, resulting in shorter movements and forcing the watch to run faster. Magnets do not alter timekeeping in digital watches as digital watches don’t have any internal moving parts.

A magnetized watch can possibly correct itself over time, but for proper diagnosis and quicker results bring your watch to one of our watch experts at Tick Tock Jewelers.

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